Maddy birthday poem 2019

It already seems like so long ago

The day you were born and breathed your first breath

Yet that was all it took for me to know

That I would love you every day till death

My daughter, my first born, I cherish you

Few things are greater than being your dad

And already so beautiful you grew

Many wonderful memories we’ve had

Still hardly life’s journey you’ve just begun

Many adventures patiently await

With so much growing still needs to be done

No need to delay, do not hesitate

Life can be chaotic, crazy, a whirl

I’ll always be proud of my baby girl

From: The Sureshot Rises

“Adar, eh?” asked Znak when he noticed the name carved on the bow.

“Yeah, I thought that it would be fitting to name my bow after my father since he is the one who taught me to shoot.” Durbar paused for a long minute then added, “Plus, it’s a bit like he is with me when I carry it and I feel him when I draw the string and can almost sense him watching when I fire an arrow.”

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Poem: Alive!

You’ve held me down for far too long

Kept me from dancing and singing song

And I in weakness just went along

Until the man I was and loved was gone


Then I awoke and wondered where I was

How I became more passive than a dove

So I prayed and looked for signs from above

And I thirsted like never before for love


I asked you about my chains; how they got there

Begged you for help, for your tender care

But you attacked me like an angry bloodthirsty bear

I wanted to run away, to go anywhere


Complicated were my binds and deep my wounds

How badly I had weakened over many moons

Yet I refused to remain in darkness; gloom

And took my first step away from doom


With Arrows loosed and spells called behind me

I stood and refused to bend my knee

Because for the first time in a while I could see

And I’ll no longer live afraid in captivity


I’m going to gather my strength and pride

Rediscover the parts of me that died

No longer will I sit in darkness and hide

I’m going to run and sing and be alive

Sonnet: Dark

Smothered in darkness, no light to be found.

Engulfs me like a night that will not end.

Unable to run I crawl on the ground.

So dark, on my sight I cannot depend.


My senses so dulled I can see nothing.

The sun will not rise, the stars cannot shine.

Confined in my cell alone, suffering.

I cannot speak but only moan and whine.


Give me a glimmer of hope in the light.

Please send me a sign that a life can glow.

Warming my heart and restoring my sight.

My soul needs some light in order to grow.


And so I will wait for the day you come.

To raise me from the dead, no longer numb.