Adventures of Dadd episode 2

Dadd drifted in and out of consciousness as sweat formed on his brow and then chilled him to his bones. He had plague. He felt like he was dying and indeed wished he would at times. He rolled from side to side unable to get comfortable and moaned in between coughs and sniffles. He felt like his face was melting.

In the midst of his anguish, his children called to him. They begged him for food, unable to find any. Their calls stirred his spirit and he found some remaining strength to lift his aching body from the bed and stand. The room spun around and he nearly fell to the ground but he managed to remain upright. Stumbling he sought his children. They were gathered together trying to decide how to find something to eat. Dadd stood, head throbbing and looked through squinted eyes.

“I will score something to eat,” Dadd mumbles.

“But father you’re ill!” The children pleaded.

“Bless you my children, you are good. But I am your father and I will find you something to eat.”

“Thank you dear man!” They cried together.

Drawing a cloak round his neck and gripping his bow, Dadd stumbled from their home and into the wild.

The wind chilled his face and sleet stung his flesh but he endured. With all his might he trudged looking for tracks of some beast that could feed his offspring. At last he found some.

The tracks were faint but he was able to follow even in the weather. At last he saw through the swirls of sleet his mark. A box of Lucky Charms pranced in the snow the clean white drifts kicking up around the food.

Dadd pulled an arrow and drew it back in his bow, aiming carefully. He exhaled then loosed his arrow. The missile flew true and struck its mark, downing the meal.

Dadd dragged the box back to his children and there was much rejoicing in the bounty he offered while he climbed back into bed, half wishing the plague would take him and end his agony.

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The Sureshot Rises

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Adventure of love

There is no greater adventure than love. Nothing compares to the danger and reward that love brings. No foe is more powerful, nothing more treacherous. There is nothing more comforting and nothing more completing. Neither dragon nor giant can conquer it. No vile creature can steal it away. It cannot be snuffed out or extinguished. It burns ever more and is eternal.

Love moves mountains and motivates people usually lacking strength the bravery to stand in the face of fear and sneer. Many have traversed great landscapes to find loves embrace once more. Death has claimed many who refused to back down to its threat and were true to love instead. It is more powerful than any other force.

With that power comes destruction as well. Love has birthed wars and feuds since time begun. Murders, mayhem, betrayal and battles have all been conducted in the name of love. It has corrupted the most devout knights and wrecked the most loyal of patriots. It can destroy just as easily as it can protect.

Love is wild and free and will always be the greatest adventure for any willing to risk ones life to pursue it.

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Another review!

Knowing a reader enjoyed my story makes me a very happy writer.

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Challenges of writing

I get a lot of questions about writing and how I go about it and to be perfectly honest I am far from a pro (if you didn’t already put that together). That said, I feel I have a fair amount of advice to give for whatever it is worth. So here is my typical answer for those curious.

To begin with I usually tell people to keep it simple. I’ve read a lot of things for people that was way complex way early and as a reading it makes it difficult to stay with the story. Some of the best stories ever written were simple. Don’t over think it and don’t create something so complex for your first story that it takes you an hour to explain it to me. If you find yourself telling people “it’s complicated” then you need to simplify. It will help you accomplish your goal to complete a story and make it much more palatable to the reader.

Secondly, learn the story arch and use it to map out your story. The story arch is simple and also fantastic. Stories need a beginning, middle and end. Conflict drives stories. Make sure you include the necessary elements in a story to make is successful. Readers need you to stick to their expectations in order for them to enjoy the story. I’m sure you’ve come up with a much better way to write a story but guess what? No one will get it; especially for your first story. So learn the story arch and stick with it.

Thirdly, show don’t tell. I know everyone who has ever been in junior English in High School has already heard this but it is really important. It’s also really difficult to maintain for an entire novel length story. It took me many years of practice but at this point it is pretty much second nature. As a write mastering the art of describing scenes and actions rather than simply telling the reader about them is absolutely necessary. For me, the most difficult was describing emotions rather than merely stating what the characters were feeling. I spent a lot of time thinking about what we look like and how we act when we feel angry, joyful, sad etc. I’m a much better writer for it though.

Writing is amazing but also frustrating. I haven’t mastered it in the least but I love it enough to continue doing it regardless of how well received my writing is. I hope these tips help anyone trying to master it along with me. Cheers.

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First review!

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Direct Publishing Decision

In 2005 I finished writing The Sureshot and started emailing and sending out copies to publishers. It didn’t take long for some to express interest in publishing my story. I was thrilled. The idea of being a published author was enticing. I was proud of my work and thought it had a real chance at being received well in a commercial market. I’ll never forget signing with a publisher and feeling like I had arrived. I immediately continued work on a sequel figuring that my writing career had just begun. Not quite.

At first everything seemed fine. I was in contact with an editor, a cover artist and others who helped make my book materialize. In 2006 it was available and I received a few copies to give out or sell myself. It was then I began to wake from the dream.

The cover artist couldn’t put together what I hoped. The binding was below average and was coming apart even though the books were brand new. When it came to editing there were dozens of errors still present. I was a bit disappointed. Still, I had book available for purchase and people excited to read it. I still felt successful. But that faded too.

Years later, the publisher declared bankruptcy and is being sued by many people. I have the rights back to my work and I have the motivation to write again. Turns out, more than a decade later, that technology has made it possible to publish directly. So far I’m thrilled with kindle direct publishing. It cost me nothing to publish, my work was available immediately, and I control all aspects of the product. Sure, I’d prefer to have a big publisher partner with me help me be the author I want to be, but until then I’ll continue writing and publishing for myself and for those interested in reading. Cheers!

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