Reduced to Dust

A hard, thick, stubborn Rock stood strong
Able to resist storms all season long.

The Rock remained unchanged for ages
always solid
always hardy
always present
Was always there through weather changes.

The Rock didn’t fret as a storm approached
storm raged
storm roared
storm struck
Storm attacked and the Rock broke.

The Rock shattered, reduced to dust
dust in the wind
dust in the sea
dust in the earth
In spite of its strength the Rock was crushed.

The landscape forever changed without it
Though it is gone, those who knew will not forget.

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The Rock

The Rock

Always, it’s there
Strong and immovable
Though wind and waves crash against it
It stands the test of time, everlasting
Through good times and bad you endured
So tough, strong and fearless
You were always there
My Dadd

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Poem: Fallen Tree

Fallen tree

How mightily

You stood against the weather

Leaves so round

Litter the ground

None of us lasts forever

Did your time

Like all your kind

Be once more together

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Excerpt from “The Monster in the Woods”

Join the adventure and get this fantastic short story The Monster in the Woods today on kindle or in print

As the fire crackled, the soft meat of their meal began to sizzle, sending a sweet scent into the air that enticed the men. Their mouths began to water while their lunch neared preparedness.

Right before Adar instructed his son to take the fish away from the flame, they heard the snapping of twigs near the pond. Each man picked their heads up when they first caught the sound and snatched up their bows, pulled an arrow from resting quivers and drew.

The men scanned the woods, eyes trying to focus and see the source of the interruption. Movement grabbed their attention and each spotted a buck slowly making his way to the pond, presumably to get a drink.

Normally, a single buck would signal no threat and the hunters would relax but the animal did not move in a typical fashion and the instincts of the woodsmen kept them alert. The creature seemed to limp and labor with none of the typical agility and balance that a deer normally possessed. The men didn’t move a muscle and breathed slowly as they studied the animal. It stumbled as it tried to clear a fallen log and fell to its knees. It laid on the forest floor for a moment before crawling with a cry to its feet once more and finally reached the water. Once there it fell to its front knees and drank slowly and deeply from the cool pond.

“What’s wrong with it father?” Durbar wondered.

“I’m not sure, son.”

“It looks wounded.”

“I agree, but that means something might yet be tracking it.”

Adar shot his son a glance and then motioned towards the buck with his head and they split up then crept silently in opposite directions to circle around the buck. The animal was on the opposite side of the pond and it took the men a few minutes to flank around the animal. The hunters were worried. Deer were normally very alert, especially when getting water in the open like this one was, but the buck did not notice them. The animal sunk further to the ground and laid on its side taking a break from drinking as though it took much effort.

The men were near enough to see the animal much closer and they watched as it breathed shallow and quick, its side rising and falling rapidly, matted with sweat and what they figured was blood. Typically a healthy deer would have detected the hunters by then but this one did not seem to even be aware of its surroundings.

Durbar stood back several yards away and just watched, but Adar lowered his bow and drew a dagger from his belt then crept closer; pushing his way past some brush. The buck didn’t even budge as though he was in a world removed from the forest pond. The hunter looked up to his son and noticed the young man’s eyes were wide. Adar stood above the animal and when the buck did not even flinch he motioned for his son to approach with a wave.

Durbar also lowered his bow and stepped to the animal and his father. When he reached it, he saw the wounds on its back. There were deep cuts across its back that had not healed. The woodsmen could see and smell that they were infected and could see the animal’s eyes were clouded over.

“Father, what happened to this buck?”

Adar hesitated, eyes darting side to side. “I’m not sure son. It was obviously attacked but these wounds are not like anything I’ve seen. At least not anything I’ve seen in a long time.”

Now Durbar hesitated and searched for the right question. “What does that mean, Father?”

“It means that something large and deadly attacked this animal.”

They each stared at the poor creature while it breathed in short gasping breaths. Flies buzzed around it, already sensing it would not last much longer.

“It’s dying,” the younger hunter suggested.

“Aye, it is,” the elder confirmed.

“What do we do?”

“We end its suffering,” Adar declared as he pulled his dagger across the animal’s throat.

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As I become increasingly interested in being a master of language in the spoken and written forms I feel I need to incorporate more unique sentence constructions. That’s of course as I also seek to master the art of toasting and limerick. One of the structures I find impressive and sophisticated is the use of the words “nay.” defines the word as:

Adverb: and not only so but; not only that but also;

I love it! It also defines it as the archaic form of “no.” Even better! I would love to fill my vernacular with more archaic words and maybe one day pen a book called, “The Art of Sounding Awesome.”

The idea of this usage is to use as adjective but then one up yourself with another adjective with “nay” between them. What an amazing concept! So I can toss out a word which should elicit some sort of emotional response then go even bigger with that feeling by adding a stronger word? Yes please.

If I’m being entirely honest, this idea just came to me because I heard the Ebony Maw in Infinity War say to Thanos, “Few beings have the greatness, nay, the nobility” and it sounded amazing. I need “nay” in my life.

So here’s a few attempts at some sentences I may try out in 2019 in different situations.


Few women are as pretty, nay, as gorgeous as yourself.

Few women are as charming, nay, as captivating as yourself.

Few smiles are as pleasant, nay, as beautiful as yours.

Few bosoms are as lovely, nay, as tremendous as yours.


Few bedrooms are as cluttered, nay, as disastrous as yours.

Your breath is bad, nay, downright offensive, please brush your teeth.

Your behavior is disconcerting, nay, abhorrent, you must improve.

I love you, nay, cherish you my child.


Your grade is poor, nay, embarrassing.

Your child is a joy, nay, a treasure in class.

Your essay was great, nay, a masterpiece.

You are so dumb, nay, absolutely moronic.

Some gems in there for sure. Can’t wait to begin sprinkling “nay” into normal conversation like salt, nay, sage on a roast. Cheers to fantastic, nay, tremendous conversation!

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I thought it would be Different

I thought it would be different

That we would be content

And no longer would we resent

When we said I do

I figured we’d be better

Happier than ever

Always together

When we said I do

I thought you’d no longer

Say hurtful things in anger

And burn us like a fire

When you said I do

I thought it would end

The constant breaks to mend

No more rules you bend

When you said I do

I hoped you’d be devoted

My heart you gently hold it

I would be your chosen

When you said I do

I thought we’d be together

In love with one another

Now and forever

When we said I do

But you never wanted

My love you squandered

My heart you sundered

Till I said I can’t

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