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Jackie Robinson Day

Happy Jackie Robinson Day! Historic and epic day to remember the struggle and the bravery of many men and women represented in number 42! Also…go Dodgers! Advertisements

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Daily Writing Habit

Another thing that I read a lot about when it comes to being a successful writer is developing a daily writing habit. This is nothing new. I’ve heard it and read it dozens of times. The most prolific and successful … Continue reading

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For those of you who have been faithfully following my blog here, first of all, thank you kindly. I very much appreciate all the love and support. Secondly, I’ve decided that maintaining three blogs is dumb and I’m going to … Continue reading

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Word Counts

After reading, 5000 Words Per Hour (The Book), I added a couple of things to my writing strategy. First of all was making writing a daily habit. Done. I did miss the second day, boo…. but I even wrote on a day … Continue reading

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What’s that sound?

Ever wake so slightly in the night? When it is far too dark for you to see? What is it in the dark? While everything else is deadly quiet, except for the scratching in the wall? Or the tapping on … Continue reading

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What’s this Blog about?

Hi everyone. It is my hope that through this site, I will be able to connect in a meaningful way to anyone interested in The Sureshot and the subsequent books which have yet to be published. The Sureshot is my … Continue reading

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