TBT: Rape and Pillage

As words pour from my mind onto the page, and I wait,

like wine for the world to better with age.

It’s only effect is drunkening like the taste of burning whisky.

The door to everlasting love is locked and I don’t hold the key.

I cry desperately into the dark and wait longingly for a faint answer.

Still no sound comes from the black abyss that is love.


Despite my self advice I continue digging a hole in the sand.

Wave upon wave of dirty salty water spoils my plans.

To build around myself the mightiest of fortresses.

Time after time my walls crash down as a soft breeze passes.

I will never stop the rape and pillage of my heart.


TBT: Caught by Love

Ah the innocence and enthusiasm of my youth. It’s wonderful to read poems I wrote as a teen.

Sand clings to the naked body like a new skin.

Free falling into a thing called love a life is ready to begin.

Underground the Earth rumbles and shakes the world above.

Growing together from the strange chemical of love.

Father please save me, for I know not what I do.

Flying as if there was nothing that clouds my soul, renewed.

Arrows pierce my flesh and puncture my bleeding heart.

Eyes blinded from all things when we are apart.

Caught by love, practicing the single most beautiful form of art.

TBT: Poem…Satan’s Welcome

Wow! Totally hadn’t seen this poem I wrote in High School for probably near 20 years. Totally forgot about it. I’m a little impressed with teenaged me taking on something this dark.

Water floods and drowns a soul that is now extinct.

Running from a storm; fear reduces man to instinct.

Hell beckons, for a new tenant is always welcomed happily.

Paralyzed, the body cannot run from the grasp of destiny.

Klaus calls your name from a list he tightly clutches.

Crying desperately as it’s you that fate touches.

A glass of wine as the devil’s servants observe his art.

Fingers squeeze the last drops of blood from your vacant heart.

TBT: Poem, Wasted Beauty

Wasted Beauty

In a soft field of grass an elegant flower blooms tall and proud.

Drinking peacefully of the rain from a smooth white cloud.

The sun warms its’ beautiful petals all day until night.

Perfect the flower seems standing in the beautiful light.

Unseen to the world the flower goes unappreciated.

Its’ worth despite its’ potential is completely decimated.

The flower remains forever hidden from the worlds view.

For a flower forever unseen holds no value.

TBT: Poem Forever True

Alcohol swimming in your mind, blinding your soft eyes and hurting fate.

Tranquilly sitting in a boat, drifting on a glass lake.

Everywhere crawl people who long to hold your reflection.

Drunk off power, possession, personal satisfaction.

Heathens toss stones, shattering the glass and your might.

Shaking from confusion anyone who comes near gets a fight.

A flask of kindness, caring and love, is all I can offer to you.

Sweet lips taste the good, I will hold you forever true

TBT: Poem Nature’s Gifts, Nurtures Lessons

A young boy bright and strong,

A young boy average in every way,

Full of joy and full of song,

He loved to run around and play,

A boy who seemed to do nothing wrong,

A simple boy who lived only for the next day.

Parents push the boy harder and harder,

They let the boy live life for his self,

The boy’s performance got better and better,

With some love and care and a little help,

The pressure was getting even heavier,

Throughout his childhood his parents love was felt.

Living with some friends in disarray,

Average still, though he got a degree,

Drinking and doing lines every day,

Yet like any bird he is completely free,

The child needed to find his own way,

Love and care is what all children need.

Poor parenting destroyed the talents given by nature.

An average child succeeded with a little nurture.

TBT: Poem Asleep in my Bed

Weary, tired and soar from a long hard day,

Skull pounding and throbbing, headache won’t go away,

Stomach turning, rolling, churning, from lack of food,

All day spent with people, vulgar and rude,

Combined, it all created a pretty poor mood.

Lay down, slip under the covers so warm,

Soon as peaceful as a baby just born,

Close your heavy tired eyes and drift off to sleep,

Gradually content and peace will creep,

Time spent in twilight is always yours to keep.

Muscles relaxed and quickly recovering,

Anything can happen while you are slumbering,

Mind drifting from place to place without care,

Wherever you want to go, you can go there,

In your dreams everyone can be bare.

Dreaming of love, lust and content,

It all comes easy with hardly an attempt,

In a dream no door has a lock,

Every great blue ocean has a dock,

And it all ends at the sound of an alarm clock